Merinos Under Construction

REBIRTH OF AN ANCIENT SITE:  On the following photo pages you can share a bit of the joy we've felt watching the rebirth of a long-disused 1800s-era Southern cotton mill as it yawns, stretches and awakens to new life as a regional retail tourist destination.

Click on any of the images below to enlarge.

Let the sunshine in.

Industrial archaeology


Ray's Wheelbarrow

Twenty-first century clouds over nineteenth century bricks

Uh-oh. The sun just tanked.

From inside the gated community.

The older generation, still standing tall.

Industrial cathedral.

It's a long way down..

A weed is just a flower you forgot to invite.

OK, what's holding up the work?

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Turkey, 4th century AD.

Istanbul Railway Station, Asian side of the Bosphorus, early 20th century.

Mooresville's mill power plant (and future pizza restaurant), late 19th century.

Hagia Sophia; Mooresville's future pizza restaurant at Merinos; the Asian Rail Station in Istanbul: some designs never grow old!

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